Distinctive Voices Essay

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‘How do distinctive voices in your chosen texts convey important issues in society?’ Issues in society are displayed through remarkable voices. Issues such as women’s rights or environmental matters are both addressed by Severn Suzuki’s address to the plenary session, Jessie Street’s “it is to be back to the kitchen?” and Hilary Clinton’s women’s rights are human rights. By using a child’s voice, an environmentalist voice and by speaking for the speechless, Severn is able to express her viewpoints and explain to her audience the importance of her speech. Jessie’s compelling voices include a feminist, lobbyist and a democratic voice, while Hillary only uses a feminist and remonstrator voice. Although they all use different voices, they are all able to manipulate their audience into reacting to their speeches and carrying out the demands of the speaker in terms of change and advocacy. Distinctive voices are used to address societal concerns, especially about the environment. Severn Suzuki’s speech addressed the Plenary Session on the Earths summit, and many times throughout her speech, her distinctive voice, of a child and environmentalist can be heard. For example, throughout her speech, Suzuki uses anaphora in the phrase “I am only a child”. The repetition of this quote expresses her child’s voice, and associates with the parents in the listeners, enabling a common ground where the audience can understand the viewpoint of the speaker. This connection she has built is then used to as a guide for change in attitude towards environmental issues. “Did you have to worry about these little things when you were my age?” This accusatory tone reinforces her power of distinction in her voice through her environmentalist voice. This rhetorical question changes the mindset of the audience by evoking thought and realisation among the listeners about the direction of which
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