Women and Religion by Marianne C. Ferguson Book Summary/Critique

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Women and Religion Book Critique Kelsey McCurdy By Marianne Ferguson I. Bibliographical Data Marianne C. Ferguson is the author of Women and Religion, as well as Christian Thought: An Introduction. Her main areas of interest are Christianity, world religions, and women in religion. Her interest in religious studies began when she was in elementary school and won a trivia competition featuring knowledge of theology. Her undergraduate degree in education encouraged her research of various methods to improve teaching and learning. In addition to her research, her adventures abroad to Italy, Greece, Ireland, England, Turkey, Israel, Africa, and the American Southwest allowed her to bring artifacts, pictures, and experiences to her teachings in the classroom. She continued to pursue her passion and did graduate study in religion and philosophy in Rome, Italy. This opportunity brought her to the core of Christian art, literature, and thought. She then taught Scripture at the high school and adult education levels which led to her receiving a doctorate in philosophy of religion at McMaster University in Ontario, Canada along with an appointment at Buffalo State in New York. She created the courses Christian Thought, New Testament, Writings of John, and Women in Global Religion, in addition to teaching An Introduction to Religion, and World Religions class. Ferguson has personally been a victim of discrimination against women which inspired her interest in Women’s Studies and stimulated her first book, Women and Religion, which depicts the oppression of women by world religions and ways in which women have coped with this universal situation. Her other publications include: the encyclopedia entries "Liberation Theology" in Encyclopedia of Multiculturalism, and "Roman Catholicism" in Encyclopedia on Family Life, anthology entries "Catholicism and Families" in

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