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Poetic Aspects from “Concrete Angels” The country song, “Concrete Angels”, written and sung by Martina McBride is an emotionally moving song with many poetic devices; therefore, this song could be considered poetry. The song is a story of a young girl who is getting sadly abused and neglected by her parents. Although this song has a horrifying story, the ending was the best thing that has ever happened to the young girl. Martina McBride’s song, “Concrete Angel”, contains many poetic devices such as alliteration, irony, allusions, and similes that could compare the song lyrics to poetry. The emotional song begins with a young girl packing her own lunch for school, wearing the same clothes she did the day before. The little girl having to pack her own lunch shows that she has to be responsible for particular things herself, although her parents should have the responsibility to do it for their child. In conclusion, sadly the girl is getting abused and neglected by her parents. The little girl tries to stay strong and hide the pain in front of the people that surround her, but it is emotionally bothering her inside. Although she seems strong, the young girl can emotionally and physically take but so much which causes her to wish she was never born in the first place. Despite the bad weather, which can seem depressing, the girl still stands tall and although her life seems awful, she still has dreams of a better place that brings happiness. Night after night, after hearing desperate and pathetic cries from the poor girl, the neighbors still do not offer a helping hand. The ending of the song indicates the young girl has passed away. Sadly her name is described to be on her gravestone in a shaded place. The young girl flies above to heaven and finally finds love and happiness and also herself as a person. Only fate could be blamed for letting this young

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