Definition of Masculinity Essay

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Masculinity “Having qualities traditionally ascribed to men, as strength or boldness” is the definition given by “” of what it is to be masculine. However, I believe there are three main traits that make a man masculine. The first is his ambition to succeed to the best of his ability or too his full potential. The second trait that plays a role in a man’s masculinity is whether or not he is a provider. The third trait that makes a man masculine is his strength, not just physically but mentally as well. All these are traits one could consider to be an example of a masculine man. A masculine man is a man that possess a drive or has a strong will to reach his full potential or goal, and will do things at all cost to get what it is that he desires. A masculine man should never have the thought or urge to give up; despite any obstacle he might face he is determined to overcome it. President Barack Obama is the perfect example of a masculine man that had the drive and motivation to get to where he is today as President of the United States. President Obama was running to be the first African American president this country has ever seen. President Obama was not just up against another candidate for presidency but instead because of his race he faced racism, prejudice, and even several threats. It takes a real man to beat the odds, to challenge society and most importantly have that drive president Obama possessed to do as he wanted despite the amount of people that were against him. Even if he would have lost the 2008 and 2012 election his masculinity derives from the drive to push past the traditionally norm of a white president. In order for a man to be considered masculine he must also be able to provide. Going back to the stone ages it was always the male species that would hunt and provide for their family, it was an innate natural survival

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