Karl Pearson: Imperialism And Scientific Racism

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Primary Source Analysis Karl Pearson February 2, 2013 Imperialism was the start to Radical Nationalism and Scientific Racism. Motives for Imperialism which was the reasons for taking over Africa and Asia brought Karl Pearson to explain why the black man was incapable of running a country much less organizing the trade of raw materials. Karl Pearson was a scientist that lived from 1857 – 1936. He believed “natural selection” played a big role in our nations’ struggle for existence. The white man was selected to be the superior one over the black man according to evolution. They were known to be “brainless and had stomachs that were only half fed”. Their brains were not trained to use the raw materials and the agricultural that their…show more content…
South Africa will always be of the poorer countries unless the white man takes over. The white man also believes that the black man might be incapable of working at all. They are just not fit enough to do much of anything. The white man symbolizes strength and every country that they are able to take over will be stronger than they ever were. Racism has been a big issue for many years. According to many scientists the black man has not evolved like the white man has. Their head is shaped different, leading many to believe that they only have half of a brain. Their head and facial features are shaped more like the ape of the jungle. The way the Iberian evolved is a mixture between the white and the black man. This makes the Negro people to inferior to all human kind. The white man is the superior one that makes them think it is in the best interest of all to lead and control what is not developing in the way it should. Charles Darwin wrote a book “On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection” where it tells us about evolution and what natural selection is about. He also says that only the fittest will survive. This is why the white man according to Karl Pearson had to take on the burden of the other countries. They are not and will not survive because they have not adapted with the changes the world has gone

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