The Future of America

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The Future of America Benjamin Franklin is an American historical icon who taught the American people many important lessons. His quote regarding the importance of training youth has depth and is valid still today. He was talking about what he believed makes a country strong. He focused on the youth of the country and how they are the ones that will improve the country. But, he also talked about how men make up the wealth and arms for the country. Benjamin Franklin’s quote speaks truths that are sometimes overlooked. First, Benjamin Franklin talked about the youth of a country and how they are the most important part for the public. This idea can be boiled down to very simple truth: it is easier to prevent something than it is to cure it. All of us should practice this in today’s world. I ask a simple question, “Why do we receive immunizations?” That is a simple question and the answer is to prevent future diseases. Benjamin Franklin suggested that we need to give our communities their vaccines. He suggested that the way we do this is to train our youth in wisdom and virtue. Receiving a vaccine trains your body to fight off a disease. Similarly, training America’s youth to handle difficult situations can prevent future problematic situations. The second part of Benjamin Franklin’s quote says, “Wise and good men are in my opinion, the strength of the state; more so than riches or arms.” This quote references the quality of men that are in a country, and how a single man can make a greater difference than any amount of riches or arms. Riches and arms are only temporary things, but a good man has a more lasting impact. One of the greatest examples of a “good man” is Martin Luther King Jr. which is a name recognized throughout the world. Reverend King changed the fundamentals of his home country by being a “good man.” He was one that did not

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