Death Penalty In Ponepei Essay

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McGurruth Miguel Instructor A.D. Ulm EN 120A/ 03 23 November 2012 Did you ever wonder why we need death penalty in Pohnpei? Pohnpei really need to have this type of punishment to make its citizens to stop committing crimes. If Pohnpei state will not have this it will get out of control so we must adapt this type of punishment. Pohnpei state government should adapt the process of having death penalty for criminals. There are four important reasons why death penalty which are to reduce chaos, stop crimes, eliminate criminals, and secure citizens. The first reason why death penalty is need in Pohnpei is to reduce the crime rates on Pohnpei. The citizens of the state are now feeling scared because every day they will hear the…show more content…
Many criminals are going to jail but the Pohnpei state jail is very small but today more are going in but less coming out. They must have this kind of punishment because they are wasting government money because commit treason, do not pay taxes but just sit on their asses eating free meal. If the prisoners are not to be killed they will gain number and escape wihich could be dangerous for every single Pohnpeian. The third reason Pohnpei state need to have death penalty is to make the citizens stop crimes. Pohnpei are type of people who are afraid of death if they will hear a prisoner is going to be killed because he or she commits crime. They will surely change because they will be afraid of dying. This will make Pohnpei a very peaceful state. According to Roxanne Rodriquez, author of the book, A Legal Research Guide, stated that these convicted murderers deserve to die (42). The last reason Pohnpei must have death penalty is for the safety for the citizens. Government should not give the prisoner years to stay in jail they should be killed right away because when the will be release they will want revenge on the people who puts him or her jail. The prisoner will really want that because they made him or her stay in gates for long time. The leader of government must destroy these types of people for the safety of its
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