The Death Penalty Should Be Abolished

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The Death Penalty Should be Abolished As a youth everyone experiences various punishments bestowed by their parents to varying degrees. Now, looking back we wonder what kind of thoughts go into a punishment. If you come home late should you be grounded from T.V.? Or should your curfew time be shortened? Sometimes a punishment is related to your transgression, and other times it has nothing to do with it. None the less there is a common goal, and that is to deter you from breaking the rules. It really shouldn’t matter what the punishment is just as long as it brings about a desirable result. Certainly the same must be true for our criminal justice system; it’s not advantageous for us as a society for the system to be in place strictly to hold us accountable for our actions. Take the death penalty for example, it is the old eye for an eye concept, kill and be killed. Is this where the lesson ends? There aren’t many recipients to interview, so it must be just accountability. Why should this be the exemption to our system, while everything else we strive to accomplish with bettering ourselves is such a different sort of punishment in place? A life of incarceration without the possibility of parole is a realistic alternative for the small number of offenders who are likely to be executed in any given year. Justice does not mandate death but justice does request that murderers be punished. If punishment is reasonable for returning justice and the moral order, it does not necessarily follow that capital punishment is moral. “The death penalty only allows us to extend the pain. It allows us to continue to blame one another, to turn against one another, to learn to hate better”. Many people think that by executing certain criminals, we will discourage others. The price to send a murderer to a death penalty is near 3 million dollars. The cost is much lower to keep
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