Date Night At The Zoo

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Crucial topics that are hurting our animals today is a hard topic to capture on a piece of paper. Having one thing in common two articles, can differ but still be very similar. Two different articles with different authors provide a reader with exceptional writing, final published articles, techniques, and a great detail of emotion behind their story. Leslie Kaufman’s article, Date Night at the Zoo if Rare Species Play Along gives the reader facts, and a different perspective on endangered species and how they could affect us in today’s society in comparison to Verlyn Klinkenborg’s article Last One gives the side of endangered species with what the laws were supposed to help them stop disappearing. But as time passes, the Acts that were passed started to be like a battleground for those animals. Both of these articles’ main purpose was to inform the audience about what is happening to animals, and how they are becoming endangered. In Kaufman’s article Date Night at the Zoo, if Rare Species Play Along it seems to be more directed to veterinarians or anyone who works with wild animals. It gives many facts about what is happening to animals, and why they are slowly becoming instinct, and what they should do about it. The article was also written very formal. (Kaufman, 2012). In the article Last One its audience seems like it is…show more content…
Kaufman’s article uses words that people may not hear every day. She expands her knowledge of vocabulary to the expectation of her audience. In her article, Date Night at the Zoo, if Rare Species Play Along she said “the encounter fizzled.” (Kaufman, 2012, Para. 4) By using those words she displays different words but gives the same meaning as the experiment failed. Even in Klinkenborg’s article she used many words that you don’t hear very often as well. Such as when she says “They have no immediate appeal except their own intrinsic beauty.” (Klinkenborg, 2009, p. 2 para

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