Animal Farm & Richard Cory

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‘Animal Farm , by George Orwell deals with individuals striving to survive in an unjust society.’ This statement is true to a considerable degree as the animals have been treated badly through out the book by different characters and with different matters. Power, greed and rights are some of the major aspects which have been exploited. Similarly, ‘Richard Cory , by Edwin Arlington Robinson’ deals with issues of power, fairness and greed. The novel Animal Farm – A Fairy Story by George Orwell, is a story about how a simple rebellion which turned into a fight for freedom, fairness and human rights. The story begins on a typical farm in England. Most of the animals were being treated badly. One dark and quiet night, while the farm owners (Mr. and Mrs. Jones) were asleep, the animals gathered for a secret meeting. Old Major, who was a twelve year old boar, called on this secret and unplanned meeting. He wanted to tell all the animals in the farm about a song which his mother sang to him. It was called ‘Beasts of England’ which tells us about how animals suffer pain and are treated like slaves by humans. The clear message of the song was that all humans are enemies and all animals are comrades. After the animals heard this song, they started to realize the truth of reality, that they were being treated badly. At the end all the animals decided on one thing. They were going to have a rebellion, a campaign to get rid of all humans once and for all. Hence the ‘seven commandments ’ was made, all animals were to follow the rules and respect the seven commandments but as the story unfolds, each of these seven commandments will be exploited and the animals, manipulated. And as the story goes on, each animal (character) of animal farm will represent certain people or societies from the past 1917 Russian revolution . Joseph Stalin and Leon Trotsky were both
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