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Yazmin Carreon English 1301 Ms. Peterson October 1 , 2013 Persuasive Argument Circus Animals Animals were created to be free in the wild or to be domestic pets. In the circus industry animals are often trained abusively to entertain the audience. Circuses are supposed to make the audience laugh and enjoy a good time, but the animal entertainers are not enjoying the abuse. The cruel acts that the trainees are forcing the animals to perform for the audience are ethically wrong and portraying negative messages to the attendees. Going to circuses are always fun, children laugh together at the clowns, spend family time, and enjoy the courageous stunts or acts the performers present. Animal cruelties in circuses have been a controversy issue since over two decades and it continues. Circuses travel for over a long period of time and the animals are kept in cages most of that time, the training discipline can be extreme. This so called discipline examples are whipping, stabbing, shocking are only few examples that hurt and make the animals scared. These exotic animals do not perform these unnatural and meaningless acts because they want to. They do it because they are scared of what will happen to them if they don’t. The riding bicycles, juggling objects, the dancing bears, and tigers jumping into a rim of fire are all forced tricks. The Welfare Animal Act states that circus animals should be protected and treated humanely, and focuses on animal rights such as, exotic circus animals. In the wild, exotic wild animals are portrayed as free and dangerous; being in a cage locked up and treated badly does not make the animals safe for the public. Young kids are taught that wild animals are to be set free into the wild, as said in The Animal Planet or The Discovery Channel, but circuses are doing the opposite, and performing animal cruelty. These shows help

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