Zoos Should Be Close

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Zoos should be closed With the decreasing natural areas for animals` living and the species of animals,whether the zoos should be close or not became a controversial issue. Can the zoos support such a huge number of daily expenses of the animals? Do the zoos really have a better environment for the animals to survive? The answer is roughly no.It is really cruel to animals to live in zoos for some major reasons. Giving back the animals to the nature may be the better choice. In human society, zoos always plays the role to serve humanity rather than to make animals living better. The phenomenon that animals are regarded as playthings has existed for a long time. The Colosseum is the best example. As a product of social development, the primitive purpose of the creation of zoo is also for entertainment. In ancient China, the Emperor constructed some gardens and bred various animals in them. These gardens were designed for rest and leisure. In Europe, the situation was the same. Such gardens were prototype of modern zoos. Until now,recreation is still the main use of zoo. Trainers demand animals to perform while most visitors spend more time on seeking entertainment rather than real knowledge about the animal. This kind of exploitation of animals for human entertainment is cruel and efforts should be made to stop it. Another strange phenomenon is that a lot of zoos also have used their animals on researches. Even though humanity itself is a kind of creature, mankind always thinks to be superior to other animals. In this case, human beings try every means to make means to make studies of them and zoos are exactly the most appropriate research sites. Zoo provides a suitable platform for academic research. Animals are kept in the cages and the researchers can observe them day and night. Even sometimes cubs may be taken away from their mother for researches.

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