Data Visualization and Healthcare

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Data Visualization and Healthcare Lutalo O. Madzimoyo University of Maryland University College Turnitin Score 7% Abstract This research will examine the impact of data visualization as a megatrend on the delivery of healthcare. Information technology will have a profound impact on the healthcare industry in the digital age. Data visualization tools and methodology represent a reimagined way for individuals who receive healthcare to connect with data that will substantially change the way they will understand their health, maintain wellness, and receive healthcare services. Data visualization tools will also impact how patient information is shared, diagnoses rendered and treatments designed based on model integrated visual data models. Information technology is at the center of technological change and the healthcare services will be a major part of that change in an enduring way. DATA VISUALIZATION AND HEALTHCARE Introduction Data visualization is an information technology megatrend that can quite effectively inform research and strategy within the health industry. It is a disruptive technology that visually presents data in order to inspire an intuitive and deeper comprehension of complex subject matter, and relevant patterns and trends (Producer, 2013b). This enables health organizations to target research efforts and improve outcomes in services and treatment. The health industry is benefitting from the use of data visualization tools because it synthesizes vast amounts of data automatically expunging useless data. This streamlined data allows for more targeted approaches, and a deeper understanding of what the relevant inquiry results reveal through interactive visual representations that more comprehensively inform researchers and decision makers. Visual data provides metrics that assist stakeholders with meaningful disease research,
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