Dangers Of Cell Phone Usage

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The Dangers of Cell Phone Usage John goes to sleep with his cell phone in his hand and wakes up with a call from his mom. John’s mom tells him he is going to be late to school. He gets dressed, fixes his hair and runs to school. Once he is at school the first thing he does is takes out his phone and text his friends. Classes pass by and John is always on his cell phone. Finally the bell rings and he goes home. John is on his phone all night and never realizes he has a test the next day. The next day at school he fails his test because he was on his phone all day and never studied. Today, phones have captured peoples lives. Like John, he is too attached to his phone. That is what people in this time are doing. They may be fun and a big part in our society, but cell phones can also have a negative attitude towards society. Cell phones are a negative aspect of society because they cause distractions, car accidents, and many teenagers are addicted. Cell phones all started somewhere. According to “History of Cell Phones”, In 1973 Motorola developed the first mobile cell phone. It weighed 2.5 pounds and carried 30 circuit boards within it. The cell phone has evolved in time. Now we have smart phones, iPhones and many more efficient cell phones. The background of cell phones shows that they have been around for a while now and if they have been around they will be around in society for more time. With the use of cell phones comes statistics on them. Peter Leo, author of “Cell phone statistics that may surprise you” states that: In the United States the number of cell phone a user has increased from 34 million a decade ago to more than 203 million right now. World-wide, there are an estimated two billion cell phones, which means an unfortunate 4.5 million people go to bed every night without cell phoning. No other invention has so quickly been embraced and

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