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The Birds: Movie vs. Book In this essay I will be discussing the similarities and the differences in the movie the birds by: Alfred Hitchcock and the book by: Daphne du Maurier. And giving my opinion to which I liked and why. In the movie the birds, a young lady by the name Melanie Daniels is attacked many times by birds. In the beginning she is trying to help a man find some love birds. The man leaves after making her feel dumb and useless. She tracks him down to a town called Bodega Bay, where Mitch stays with his mom, Lydia and sister, Cathy. She arrives asking around town where he lives and how she could get there sneakily. She is told to go through the Bay and right to his dock. On her way back she is hit by a seagull she had noticed…show more content…
He is the father of two children. One night he and his wife where sleeping and he heard a tap on the window. It was a bird so he went over and swung at it to leave and it attacked? Later knocking again so he gets up to see six birds and they attack going for the eyes and what not. He wakes up again later to see tons of birds. He heard the sound of children screaming from the other room so he rushes in there and fights the birds till dawn. He starts preparing breakfast for his family while they get ready to go to school. He has worries about the birds attacking his daughter but shrugs it off. He meets his employer at his house to see if they had bird problems but is called a fool. Later he goes to wait for his daughter at the bus stop and wielding a hoe for protection. He gets her and as they’re walking home Mr. Trigg drives by and offers a ride to town Nat declined but asked if he could take his daughter home. As Nat gets to his house thousands of birds attack him. And he just gets in before certain death. They wait out all night waiting for the radio but it never broadcasts a news report. In the morning he goes out to salvage for food and finds that Mr. Trigg and his family were dead. He then goes back and sets up for the night. Out of both of these great stories/movies I would have to favor the book the most. It had more of a dread kind of feel to it like suspense. The movie compared to the book was very romantic to were the

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