Curriculum Approaches “the Constructivist Approach and Maria Montessori”

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All students have the right to be provided with the opportunity to explore and engage in activities, which enrich their learning. When developing a meaningful curriculum, many factors need to be considered. Some of these include the learning styles of individuals and the environment in which the learning takes place. The curriculum approach that I believe best supports my personal philosophy and is most suited in providing children with the best opportunities to learn and grow is that of the “Constructivist Approach” along side aspects of “Maria Montessori”. The constructivist approach is the theory that children construct their own understanding and knowledge of the world, through experiencing things and reflecting on those experiences (Jonassen, n.d). This approach, also known as “active learning” or “play based learning” draws on how children learn across the different developmental domains (Arthur, Beecher, Death, Dockett, Farmer, 2008, p. 245). The constructivist approach promotes children to formulate their own ideas, draw conclusions and convey their knowledge in a collaborative learning environment (Arthur et al., 2008). Developing a play-based curriculum in the classroom enables children to draw on aspects from the wider community, engage actively with people, objects and representations and share the experiences they have with their family (Commonwealth of Australia 2009, p. 6). My personal philosophy is to provide rich experiences through the use of fun curriculum for all students. I believe a play-based approach to teaching will enable children to extend their learning, build positive relationships and develop a strong sense of well being. Along side the constructivist approach to teaching will be aspects of Maria Montessori. One aspect of the Montessori theory that I particularly admire is that of the importance placed on the environment in which

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