Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

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The Curious Case of the Dog in the Night-time When Christopher reads the letters his mother had written him, he learns the truth about his mother, which he might have never found out otherwise. This also leads to Christopher’s father admitting to killing Wellington. It seems that Christopher had stronger feelings about the dog than his mother, probably because he could understand the dog more. Christopher becomes terrified of his father and immediately wants to leave. The mother could have handled things better but I do think she was justified in leaving. Though he’s definitely made mistakes, Christopher’s father is definitely better suited to take care of him. I do not think that abandoning your child is right and the mother could’ve done things better but I do understand what she did and why. She is loving but very impatient. She is prone to breakdowns in the face of Christopher’s tantrums. Though she did have some selfish reasons for leaving, she really was trying to do what she thought was best for Christopher and his father. She just could not cope with Christopher’s disease, which is why I think Christopher’s father is better suited to take care of him. Of course he’s made his mistakes as well but he handles Christopher so much better. We see his mother hasn’t changed at all when Christopher visits her in London. She gets overwhelmed instantly and cannot stay calm which are two traits that are needed to be able to take care of Christopher. I’m not saying that the mother is bad for Christopher but his father is much better suited to take care of him. He occasionally can blow up in anger from not being able to understand Christopher sometimes, but he’s far more patient than Christopher’s mother. He also knows him so much better since he’s been the one taking care of him for most of his life. He caters to his likes and dislikes for food, knows about his math

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