The Facade of Conformity Essay

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Social Conformity is a Scam Society holds individuals in custody under a facade of uniformity. Its citizens do not form a harmonious family, instead, they are but a congregation of individuals who eschew others’ matters. The society, in essence, consists of strangers living under a disguise of uniformity. By pretending to conform to the society’s general trend, one can avoid trouble. However, those who do not are condemned by both the society and its people. This idea is reflected in Albert Camus’s The Outsider through Meursault’s encounters. Uniformity in society is a scam. Society is anything but a microcosm of friendship and intimacy. The protagonist of The Outsider, Meursault, is estranged because he does not fit into the social norm. At the news of his mother’s demise, Meursault does not feel the agony that normal people do when hearing their parents’ deaths. His lack of emotion is further evinced by his sending his mother to the Senior’s House. In Meursault’s psyche, he feels that his mother is a burden to him. He thinks that the Senior House is a better choice for the both of them as his mother would be happier there. Despite in actuality, Meursault’s mother did enjoy a blissful before her death, the fact that Meursault shows no emotion towards both his mother and her demise is incongruent to the social trend. His lack of sensitivity is severely chastised by the society in which he lives. The other citizens cannot understand his insensitivity, and more importantly, will not bother. They are merely concerned with the inconsistency that Meursault’s actions pose to the social norm. Due to his dissimilar behaviors, Meursault is ostracized an unanimously regarded as ‘the outsider’. The society and its members condemn him of his apathy at his mother’s death, but more essentially of the threat he poses to their so-called uniformity. If Meursault had shown the

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