The Story Of Kim: On Course By Skip Downing

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The Late Paper Our lives are filled with responsibilities, be it to school, work, family, or some other obligation. As in the story of Kim from “On Course” by Skip Downing, the reader gets to see how everyday events can affect our choices. It is a look into how our lives can be affected not just by our choices, but the actions of those around us. In the story many would look to those in Kim’s life to find blame, however in my opinion the only one Kim has to blame is herself. Kim knew what her responsibilities were and even though she made an effort to get her paper done on time she failed. She did not follow through with her plans on turning in her paper early. The pivotal moment of the whole story was at the bus stop, if she had done what she had set out to do none of the other issues would have arose. The moment she decided to put off her obligation is when she put her education in jeopardy.…show more content…
The only reason he cannot be wholly to blame is that Kim had the opportunity to get her assignment there in time. But in all fairness, a husband that feels insecure and would not support his wife one hundred percent is failing his wife as a partner. In my own experience, my wife supports me completely and the love and trust that we have supersedes all insecurities. Looking at the relationship Kim and her husband have I would not say that they have as strong of a foundation as they should. But the fact of the matter is that regardless of her husband’s actions Kim had the means and opportunity to succeed and instead chose the wrong

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