Cultural Systems and Practices of Crc

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Every place on Earth occupied with a human population has both cultural systems and practices. That statement holds true to Cosumnes River College. CRC is chalked full of social norms, values, and behaviors. Furthermore, those social aspects can be categorized into cultural system and practice. The distinguishing characteristics of CRC are clear and evident from a cultural perspective. According to the Cosumnes River College value statement, CRC’s cultural system values teaching and learning excellence as well as high academic standards. In order to sustain such values we state to practice academic integrity, fairness, mutual respect, and ethic care. Furthermore, although it is not in our value statement, I have observed that our institution values punctuality as well. It is a normal to find that a door is locked once class is in session. This behavior is practiced amongst many professors as to demonstrate the value of being on time as to not disrespect the class by interrupting. Also, according to CRC’s cultural competence section Cosumnes River College deeply values the awareness of the dynamics of cross-cultural interactions. The importance of diverse cultural tolerance to CRC reflects our environment as we have a wide variety of diversity. The vision statement of CRC also demonstrates the philosophy of our institution as well as other values we uphold. For instance, it states that CRC strengthens the cultural, social, and economic well-being of the region through its development of an educated and engaged citizenry. This demonstrates the importance of education as a tool to strengthen the well-being of the individuals as well as our culturally diverse environment. Lastly, Cosumnes River College’s rule on not using cellular devices in class is strictly enforced which is another demonstration of the core importance and value bestowed upon our high standard for
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