Cultural Intergration Year 12 Essay

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Geography extended response Cultural integration is the spread and mixing of different cultures. This mainly occurs through the use of trade and technology. Creating a seemingly much smaller, borderless world sometimes referred to as a global village. This Globalisation has come around through the use of enabling technologies, the major role Transnational Companies have and the deregulation of government control over trade between companies. This has a significant impact on social, cultural and economical aspects of a country. Technology is a huge driver of globalisation and cultural integration. With the changing technologies of communication and transport, it’s starting to refine the way many cultures interact with one another. High-volume communication has made it much easier and quicker in the transferring of information letting things spread around the globe before you even realise. Some of these technologies include computers, internet (connecting people around the globe in seconds), phones, mobiles phones, free communications via internet such as Skype and many more. With this advance in communications, people all over the world are more connected, this gives people more opportunities to travel to see one another or with business and with the huge reductions in the real cost of travel it has been much more convenient for everyone to travel. This increases the mobility world’s population. We use time space compression as a measurement of the worlds either declining or increasing costs to travel and communicate over long distances. For awhile now though it has only been declining, the impact of this decline in cost is that people, products and culture can move around the world quickly and cheaply, this has a huge effect in the increase of cultural integration. One of the other major contributors to cultural integration is TNC’s, Transnational Corporations;
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