Travel and Tourism Unit 1 D2

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The development of technology like the internet has most probably had the biggest impact on the travel and tourism industry. The internet has decreased the need for independent travel agents now as the internet provides people with a means of booking their own holidays online, as well as being able to use comparison websites such as Expedia, or directly with the holiday providers and transport services. Now even the smallest of travel and tourism providers have responded to technological developments so that they have their own websites and email addresses, online booking, and payment methods. When the recession hit, the number of business travellers declined, as they were trying to find cheaper ways of communicating with fellow business relations by using methods such as telephone and video conferencing instead of paying to book flights and accommodation. These methods have increased because it helps the business to reduce their expenses and watch their budget more carefully. This links in again with following trends of technological advances. Business travellers will look for budget airline alternatives, and may fly economy instead of business. Because of this, there are more flight and accomondation providers in competition to give their customers the lowest price possible so as they get value for their money. Businesses such as EasyJet and Ryanair have benefit from this. They have used technological advances to their advantage by increasing their internet bookings online and also offer self packaging, where they provide the flight but also give an option to book a hotel
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