Do You Think That Moving Abroad for Better Jobs or Study Is Good.

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Although the population of our earth grows tremendously, our world becomes smaller. Threw increasing globalisation countries and nations grow to be more and more integrated culturally, economically, technically. There are diverse international agreements, which support this process. EU is an example of a union of countries witch removed most of the political and economical barriers for it’s citizens to make their free choice for the member country to study or to work in. It’s new east European members are those who use this opportunity more frequent. There are several advantages of studying and working abroad, for single people as well for the countries and the whole world. Firstly, international resources are maintained better this way, knowledge spreads faster, qualification and employability increases all over the world. For example, students from India or China, who study in UK or US, often get much higher level of education than in their home country. Working abroad, they expand their knowledge and skills, which may be useful for their country in case they come back. On the other side, this could become stimuli to the countries to try to improve their own attractiveness for their citizens, to be more open and free. Secondly, people learn this way to understand each other better. The more international the world is, the less the danger of hostility and new war. It is difficult to shot your former classmates or colleagues. Finally, people from poor or developing counties get a possibility to improve their own lives as well as the lives of their loved. They mostly have access to the educational and health system of the host country. They also have an opportunity to sent money to their loved at home and in the poor countries this fact could make a significant impact to their economy. On the other side, there are several disadvantages of leaving the
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