Csi Episode Analysis: High Octane

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The CSI franchise (Miami, New York, and the original series) tries to give the viewer a sample of what it is like to be a forensic investigator in modern times. Often times, they incorporate real life strategies for obtaining and testing evidence, but there are times when the writers put a “Hollywood flair” to some of the technology and methods meaning that they use unrealistic or uninvented methods to test evidence. This can cause problems for students who want to become forensic examiners because of the things they see in this show. For my episode analysis, I chose to watch CSI: Miami, from season 5, episode 7 entitled “High Octane”. This episode is about a teenage stunt driver named Dex, who is beheaded during one of his stunts in which he climbs out of his sunroof to drive his car using his feet. After the accident, the police sirens are heard making everyone panic to get away. The “sideshow” event was sponsored and run by Dex’s girlfriend, who is sees the accident as good for business with her website, and is rather uncooperative when dealing with detectives. After running tire treads, it is found that Dex is run over by his own car by Luke Baylor, a rival of Dex’s that thought that Dex would have appreciate that he took his car so it did not get impounded. After running prints on all of the beer bottles from the event, it is discovered that they all have the same print on every bottle. The prints belonged to Evan Dunlar, who was Dex’s girlfriends assistant, and was selling beer for the event. When examiners/detectives Delco and Cooper go to question Evan at his home, Evan’s car bursts through the garage door with Evan inside, almost hitting the two detectives. When they approach the car, Evan exclaims that someone is trying to kill him. The two forensic examiners notice the smell of jet fuel in the air and questions the boy’s father. Meanwhile, at the lab,

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