Informative Essay On Gun Control

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English Paper Once upon a time there was a gun factory. The gun factory’s name was GunRich and it was owned by me. GunRich’s guns are not to come out until next season (Hunting Season). I have only had 2 types of guns out so far, but more are on their way. The first one is a .45 caliber hand gun. If you took that gun out and shot from a distance of one hundred yards, and had an amazing one of a kind aim, and there somehow happen to be 5 squirrels lined up in a row, then you could make a clean cut right through their skulls. The second kind of gun is a 10 gauge shot gun. If you know anything about shot guns, then you know that is the largest kind of shot gun out there. If you happen to be a little weakling with no muscle then this gun would…show more content…
I got there and saw that my worker was making business with anyone he could find, and on top of that he was making a profit. So I went up to him and asked him what are you doing and he replied, “I’m screwing up your life.” I looked down and saw my hand was full of blood from my stomach. He quickly got in his car and I tried to go as fast as him, but I couldn’t. I was chasing him and contacted the police so they know where I am and that I was shot, in the stomach. I was thinking to myself if I annihilate the truck tire then I will never remit my guns. Then, I stuck my gun out of the windshield and “boom” the gun roared away, and his tire went flat. The whole truck flipped over and so did he, but by the time the truck flipped over the police were already there. I crashed into his truck and got knocked unconscious, so it was just like a knock-out punch. Not knowing where I was I saw a pretty young woman maybe late twenties and early thirties with beautiful blonde hair. I asked her where am I and she said, “You are at a hospital you have been severely shot and wounded.” I asked am I going to be ok and she just smiled and left. My head was tired so I tilted it to the left and my eyes were still out of focus. Then, I thought I saw Travis, but it was Zaroff and I just let out a horrifying

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