Valentine's Day Massacre Case Study

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Danny Low History 17.2 Professor Kirk 11/30/09 The Saint* Valentine*’*s Day *Massacre *Briefly identify the event (date*, place, importance) in 25 words or less. On Feb 14th, 1929, “The Valentine’s Day Massacre” occurred when 7 members of the Bugs- Moran gang were gunned down by Al Capone’s hitmen in a garage. What long range causes led to the event? There was a relentless gang-war raging on in Chicago between the North Side Irish Gang, headed by Dean O’Banion, and the Southside Italian Outfit, run by Johnny Torrio. Since the mobsters. By removing their competition through assassinations, each set was trying to 1924, Johnny Torrio arranged the contract kill of…show more content…
Moran’s men arrived at the garage around roughly 10:30 (though Moran himself was not present) and proceeded inside. One of the lookouts allegedly confused one of Moran's men (most historians believe it was Albert Weinshank, who physically resembled Moran) for Moran himself: he then signaled for the gunmen to enter the warehouse. McGurn’s men pulled up in two separate cars: one Cadillac sedan and another his practice to gamble on horse racing (unsuccessfully) and associate with the Moran gang, and John May, an occasional car mechanic for the Moran gang, who was with his German shepherd, Highball. The killers told the men to face the back wall and line up. Thinking that this two men though the front door facing Clark Street. This pair, riding in the Cadillac, carried Thompson sub-machine guns, a 20-round magazine for one and a 50-round drum for the other. To aide in their escape, the men in street clothes came out with their hands up, prodded by the two uniformed cops. The only ones left alive were John May's German shepherd, Highball, and Frank Gusenberg who, despite fourteen bullet wounds, was still boarders, C.L. McAllister, to the garage to see what was going on. He emerged two…show more content…
Public outrage over massacre marked Capone from the federal government to continue some of his criminal activities, but it was the end of any significant opposition to Capone. Capone continued to conduct business from prison. He was allowed to make long-distance calls, had a private cell, and was allowed to meet and when returned to Chicago finding himself branded “Public Enemy Number One”. In 1931, Capone was convicted of income tax evasion leading to his imprisonment for 11 years. The massacre ultimately affected both Moran and Capone and left the war they had with each other at a stalemate. In your opinion, was the event inevitable? Why or why not? territory from the North Side gangs moving in on his dog-tracks, he was trying to expand his empire to increase revenue and infamy within his empire. In addition, Capone wanted revenge What do you think might have happened had the event not occurred? 1933 put an end to the era of gangsterism, effectively removing their main stream of revenue, bootlegged whiskey. It might also have kept Capone of the FBI radar’s,

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