Crj 311 Welcome to Homicide Case Study

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Welcome to homicide Case Study CRJ 311 Forensics This episode was filmed in Richmond, VA it is about a case that involves a homicide where a body was found in the trunk of a car that was in a parking lot of an apartment complex. The episode also shows the first of rookie Homicide Detective Shane Waite. The video shows how you start with knowing very little about the crime and through the investigation you link evidence to the crime and the suspects. You see through this case that you need to make sure that you look at every aspect of the crime and realize that the evidence can come from anywhere. Something that I found very interesting with this video is that it seems to me that it is yet another example of a “crime scene investigation” style show and that is something that can cause a proble later. As we talked about the worry with these types of shows is that they can case the CSI effect on potential jourors. This style show in particular is one that I would worry about since it is showing the investigation of a real case unlike those that are seen on “CSI” or “NCIS” those are based on fake stories and people are less likely to see that as the way that things are done. Forensic science and its developments help the detectives find the crime scene, test and gather testimonial and physical evidence, and reenact the crime scene to help interrogation. Long after the crime scene is gone, investigators can virtually return to the scene of the crime to test out theories and compare evidence results to an investigation that leads to a confession. The video also shows you a new tool that scans the room and makes a 3D computer model of the scene so that investigators can see the scene later on as well as show a jury what the scene looked like. Forensic science is considered an essential component in the solving of crimes and law enforcement as a whole.

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