Crime Reporting Systems

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Crime Reporting Systems The United States has three different organizations to document crime reports. The nationwide reporting includes reports from city, county, and state law enforcement agencies. Since the first program was developed in the 1920’s crime reporting has evolved into more agencies to document and report crime. The public uses these reports for information regarding crime in their areas, states, and counties. Government agencies use these reports to document crime and do further research on crime in the nation. After a few years of reporting with the first program created, the UCR or Uniform Crime Reporting Program, another program had evolved from that having the FBI designated to coordinate the latest program, NIBRS or the Nation Incident Based Reporting System. With the UCR you could not differentiate between misdemeanor and felony crimes, so the NIBRS was created to gather more in depth and detailed crime data. The NIBRS collects detailed data on every single crime occurrence. Along with those programs came the NCVS or National Crime Victimization Survey, this survey is a self-reporting survey which victims report their own incidents. Although each are used to record crime for the nation, they each have their own uses and are used differently. The UCR crime reports are used in many ways, they provide law enforcement with date for use in police operations and planning for the future. The news and media also utilize the reports as well to inform the public about crime. Data is recorded by cities, counties, colleges, and states and submitted to the UCR. The UCR publishes crime in the U.S., an annual summation of the incident and rate of reported crimes. I believe that this particular system is not very effective considering with this system it only records some information when a crime has occurred. With this crime reporting system the
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