Predictive Policing: New York City Police Department

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ASSIGNMENT 1 – Predictive Policing by Your name CIS 500 Professor: October, 2013 Predictive Policing Introduction During the years, the organization and practice of the police department has changed tremendously. These strategies in the past of many agencies, was to patrol the streets of the city or rely on a phone call to report a crime and then try to prevent it. Since there, information technology (IT) has become a very important part of law enforcement. This paper is going to compare and contrast the application of Information Technology (IT) to optimize police departments’ performance to reduce crime versus random patrols of the streets. One of their main jobs police patrol officers is, to protect people and property.…show more content…
COMPSTAT short for Computer Statistic was invented by a group of researchers Mathematicians George Mohler and Martin Short, Criminologist George Tita, and an Anthropologist Jeff Brantingham. Their vision was that COMPSTAT would predict crimes as meteorologist predict the weather and try to avoid them (Goode, E. 2011). COMPSTAT works by collecting weekly statistics of crimes and police activities and this information is entered into a database to produce a report that will show arrest activities, citizens complains, and crime patterns. At police departments, officers are given a list of high crime spots to patrol daily. These crimes spots are predicted using COMPSTAT. Over the years, police departments have seen a major decline in crimes since the introduction of COMPSTAT. (Pearsall, B. (2010, May). COMPSTAT uses the four basic functions of Information System: Input, processing, output, and feedback. COMPSTAT provides input by collecting statistics data on crimes weekly, the data are gathered in as close to real time as possible and subsequently presented in various formats in hard copy and electronically. This data and information about crimes are captured or collected and input into a computer system, this way police department can accurately predict and report crimes that have taken place that week (Godown,…show more content…
New York has seen a decline in crime since 1990 consequently, it has been proven that the use of the system has help reduce crime, data available in real time, cheaper to stop crimes than to solve, work is more efficient, have police motivated and more agile; therefore, in my opinion here is where its strength come from. The weakness in the system appears to be limited budgets, no knowing the validity of COMPSTAT, lack of strategic priorities with no clear vision, human error, human corruption, no filing report, misclassifying crimes from felonies to misdemeanor, lost of crimes and so much more. I believe there are a lot of opportunities in developing this market, for example, communication between departments, training of personnel, develop regional partnerships, the software are improved and are made more friendly. So far I don’t see any threat of the systems becoming obsolete, on the contrary, since it has worked so well in reducing crime I think is here to

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