Career Choice-Strategies for Success

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Crime Scene Investigator Marie Turner Everest University Crime Scene Investigator When you were younger did you ever really want to become something when you grew up? Or did you ever say something like “I want to become a firefighter when I grow up.” I did. Growing up I always wanted to do something within law enforcement. Now that I’m older I have chosen to become a Crime Scene Investigator. Well in this essay I’m going to talk about the career choice I have always wanted to have when I grew up. I will be telling you what steps you would need to take to become a Crime Scene Investigator, What Crime Scene Investigator are and what they do, and what kind of salaries they make. A Crime Scene Investigator is a professional who is trained to analyze crime scenes, collect and process evidence, and write up reports which are used by law enforcement officials and members of government. Most Crime Scene Investigators work for a law enforcement agency or a company which needs professional investigators, like an insurance company. A insurance company might use an investigator to analyze a car accident to determine whether or not the company will pay for the damages that was done to the car. A law enforcement agency might use an investigator to analyze the crime scene of a homicide or even a robbery to help get evidence to find or prosecute a suspect. A Crime Scene Investigator will have to write reports, take photographs of the crime scene and evidence, sketch of the crime scene, collect evidence, like bullets, weapons, shoe prints, fingerprints, etc. There are several steps you will need to do to become a Crime Scene Investigator. The first thing you need to do is get your high school diploma or G.E.D. Then you would need to go to college because the best way to become a CSI is to have a college education, but you could also start out by becoming a

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