Criminal Justice System Paper

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Criminal Justice System Paper Sarah Murphy CJA/204 Monday, August 29, 2011 Professor Danny Williams Criminal Justice System Paper In the world today, with consideration, the criminal justice system includes a group of agencies, government workers, and processes established by our government to control crime rates and inflict penalties to those who disobey the law. In using certain components, our government is better able to administrate criminal justice processes successfully to the innocent and to the guilty. The Criminal Justice System The criminal justice system is here to assist in controlling crime and imposing punishment to those who disobey the law. Crime is defined as an “act or the commission of an act that is forbidden or the omission of a duty that is commanded by a public law and that makes the offender liable to punishment by that law; especially: a gross violation of the law” (Schmallager, 2009). The criminal justice system is broken down into jurisdictions ,these jurisdictions, with considerations, are created by certain factors such as the city, county, state, federal or ,tribal government or military installation. Every jurisdiction has their own set of rules and regulations for their particular criminal justice system. When looking at the criminal justice system, there are some components that need to be considered, such as our local law enforcement. The local law enforcements assists in investigating crimes, arresting a suspect, taking them to jail to await trial, and proceeding with the proper criminal justice procedures. Although every crime violates the law, not every violation of the law is a crime. Another important component in our criminal justice system is our court system. The court system is the basis behind the decisions made toward defending the plaintiffs, protecting the defendants, and prosecuting the defendants. Any
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