Creativity at Apple

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[pic] An Attempt to understand the Case Study on Creativity at Apple Abstract Apple is known for their innovative products such as the Macintosh computer, ipod, ipads and the first legal, digital music store for downloading songs- iTunes. Apple Inc. is a multinational corporation which was previously known as the Apple Computer Inc. for its first 30 years of operations. But Throughout the past two decades, Apple is gradually losing market share in the Personal Computer market. Their market position has dropped from 1st to 9th position within 2 decades in largest Personal Computer (PC) firms. Their level of profitability has also significantly decreased from 20% to merely 0.4%. “Today, Apple commands just 2% of the $180 billion worldwide profits in the PC market. Their primary competitors are a combination of brands from two different spectral within the PC market.Apple is currently experiencing from rivals that they have followed their creative leads and captured a significant portion of market share and profits from Apple.’ This case emphasizes the reason for this downfall of Apple in the market, whose key success factor is to be creative and innovative. Here this case defines the core debate, which is behind the concept of product champion vs. process champion; The basic question is "what are a better driving force for economic growths: Here we have tried to find out the reason as well as recommending some positive measures, which may assist Apple in regaining it’s position in the Technological Market, using some other tactics instead of being only creative and innovative. … Purpose- Here in this study, we have tried to explore the various aspect of Apple’s Strategic system, within this periphery we have also tried to explore some related factors from other competitors from the

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