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Blue Orb: A Company in Transition Individual Case 2 Critical Issues Blue Orb is going through most important transition in the company’s history. It is transforming from a research-oriented organization to a retail software company. Secondly, Blue Orb must decide on strategic business decision regarding its marketing plan for its first time paid-subscription software. Before pursuing on with the project, Blue Orb must also address following issues: * How to convert free subscribers to paid subscribers. * How to attract their customer base through most effective marketing mix. * Whether to accept “The Flightware Proposal” for marketing campaign. * Whether to do in-house promotional SwitchBlade Pro gaming competition as a part of marketing campaign. * How to safeguard company’s image throughout the transition. (Blue Orb was known for free subscriptions but now it is paid). Analysis Blue Orb has been transitioning from research-orientated company to a retail software company. It is intending to do so by launching “SwitchBlade Pro” subscription base software. As of March 1, 2009, it has more than 1100 subscribers and 15,000 registered users from its previous freeware version of the program; which makes it insufficient customer base to generate enough revenue to break even under the status quo. (Exhibit). Whereas, the preceding marketing campaign, launched in October 2007 was unsuccessful to create the buzz to attract 10,000 subscribers and awareness for companies who were willing to advertise on Blue Orb’s website. The freeware/advertising-based revenue model for SwitchBlade did not achieve its goal. Thus, Mike Bowers (CMO) and Pete McAlindon (CEO) at Blue Orb are now considering a new marketing campaign for its first time SwitchBlade Pro paid subscription model. It is known that out of 70 million console and PC video game players

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