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Cowgirl Chocolates is the venture of internationally renowned artist and lecturer and now small business owner Marilyn Lysohir. Originally Cowgirl Chocolates had been created as a way to supplement a struggling annual multimedia magazine called High Ground, a project that had become a pet project for Marilyn and her husband Ross Coates. The magazine had had a history of generating a relatively limited interest, and Marilyn became frustrated that it was not able to generate enough revenue to justify the continuation of the project despite some loyal followers. Cowgirl Chocolates is beginning to follow a similar pattern such that after a four year start up it has become yet another labor of love for Marilyn, who when after she has factored in the cost of her own personal effort, time and frustration, has really been operating with small to negative gains. From experimenting with the idea of combining hot and spicy flavor with fine imported chocolate Marilyn has developed an intriguing product mix of hot and spicy chocolate bars, a hot and spicy caramel dessert sauce she personally makes herself, and chocolate truffles in several distinctive flavors including, plain chocolate, mint, orange, lime tequila, and espresso. With the object to be suitable for gifting her packaging was par excellence aimed at a slightly higher than average consumer market. With a sassy “Go ahead Hot Shot” her logo helps to identify her product as not your ordinary chocolates. Marilyn’s chocolates have won many awards for excellence; however she has struggled to get her product represented in supermarkets and specialty shops throughout the U.S. and the U.K. with marginal success. She has also seen some success on her web site. Everyone seems intrigued and willing to try them, but it has been difficult for her to strengthen her position, or gain effective distribution. Nor does Cowgirl

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