Counselling Skills Essay

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INTRODUCTION TO COUNSELLING SKILLS Counselling skills Counselling skills are the communication skills for developing relationships with clients, clarifying and expanding their understanding and where appropriate assisting them to develop and implement strategies for changing how they think, communicate, act and feel so that they can move forward in their lives. Counselling skills are therefore used in the counselling process. The most fundamental skill of counselling is active listening. As such, it entails hearing and memorizing words, being sensitive to vocal cues and observing body language. This has a number of important consequences such as establishing rapport and trust and helping clients to disclose and discuss feelings There are other skills that someone using counselling skills can use. They are: Verbal – words used by the counsellor Vocal – volume, pitch, emphasis of voice Body – body language i.e. gaze, eye contact, posture Good counselling skills are where the counsellor is often silent and attentive, they use para-verbals, they reflect and restate what the client has said and summarise, show empathy and their body language is open and relaxed. Person-centred approach to counselling The person-centred approach views the client as their own best authority on their own experience and that they are fully capable of fulfilling their own potential for growth. It recognizes that achieving potential requires favourable conditions and that under adverse conditions, individuals may well not grow and develop in the ways that they otherwise could. In particular, when individuals are denied acceptance and positive regard from others-or when that positive regard is made conditional upon that individual behaving in particular ways-they may begin to lose touch with what their own experience means for them, and their innate tendency to

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