Could The Holocaust Have Been Prevented Essay

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The Holocaust There were many ways the Holocaust could have been prevented. Since Hitler was the man who led this genocide, the main thing that would have had to be done to stop the Holocaust from happening would be stopping him. Hitler made many laws against the Jews. These laws eventually lead up to the persecution of the Jews. There were many missed opportunities in which the Germans, along with other countries, could have prevented Hitler from acting on the laws for persecution of the Jews which led to the Holocaust. The first, easiest and most effective way the Holocaust could have been prevented would have been not electing Hitler as the Chancellor of Germany. Hitler was chosen to be the Chancellor of Germany by President Hindenburg on the 30th of January, 1993. Just a year later in August 1934,…show more content…
There was commonly puzzlement and arguments over who was a “full Jew.” Hitler had two ways of settling this. First there were charts made which showed who was a Jew, who was a Mischlinge (Germans who were mixed), and who was an Aryan. The chart had white, grey, and black figures. The white figures stood for the Aryans, the grey for the Mischlinges, and the black figures for the Jews. A complete Jew also had to be someone with three Jewish grandparents. The Mischlinges were also put into two different groups. The ones with two Jewish grandparents were first degree and those with one, second degree (“The Nuremberg Race of Laws”.) The laws in the first amendment did not classify a Jew as in what their religious beliefs were, but instead a Jew was anyone who had three or more Jewish grandparents. It did not matter if that “Jew” belonged to a Jewish religious community. German Jews who never practiced Judaism were still persecuted. Even if the “Jew’s grandparents converted to Christianity, they were still considered a Jew (“Anti-Jewish Legislation in Prewar
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