The Holocaust Hoax Exposed

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In his novel, Victor thorn claims that the holocaust was a hoax. He claims that it would have been impossible to organize such a catastrophic event while fighting a war. He does believe that many Jews were forced into concentration camps, but he states that these were work camps, used to make goods for the war. He points out the flaws in witness testimonies, the lack of hard evidence, and also uses science to support his claims. He includes many references and photos to support his claims. One of the main reasons claimed the holocaust never happened is the survivors testimonies. None claim that bodies of their loved ones, after being exterminated in the gas chambers had and red coloring. It is proven that the body turns a red color after being subjected to carbon monoxide gas, which was used in gas chambers. There are no official autopsy reports from American doctors claiming that victims were gassed. All autopsies showed that were no signs of being subjected to a gas chamber.(thorn 30) Thorn also claims that memoirs of Winston Churchill, Dwight Eisenhower and many other political authorities, never mention genocide or mass killings by the Germans. The gas chambers were believed to be powered by gasoline or diesel fuel. Thorn points out that these fuels produce 7-12% carbon monoxide.( thorn 78) At this time, Germany had found a way to use wood as a fuel for engines. It was unreliable in vehicles but it produced up to 35% carbon monoxide. Logically the Germans would have burned wood in their gas chambers due to the scarcity of gasoline and diesel. But, the reports all claim that they used gasoline or diesel. The gas chambers were faked because Hitler would have used the cheaper and more efficient killing method if the holocaust actually happened. Another chemical commonly claimed to be used in gas chambers was cyanide. Cyanide was used during this time to kill

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