When Did Hitler Plan the Holocaust?

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When did Hitler plan the holocaust? James Allison Introduction The holocaust – arguments – we can’t be certain, because no proof from Hitler. The holocaust was mass-extermination of Jews. Some believe Hitler decided to do this and was a plan from the beginning, when he first came into power over Germany. This is called Intentionalist. Some believe that he organised the holocaust while he was in power, and developed the holocaust as he realised he had the power to do so. This is called Structuralist. The last, most ridiculous of the three suggestions is Deniers. These are the people who have decided the holocaust never happened at all. In this essay I am going to explain when I think Hitler planned the Holocaust. Deniers Introduction Deniers are people who totally deny the Holocaust ever happening. Evidence for There is close to no evidence supporting the Deniers’ theory, and this in itself backs up my point that Deniers must be wrong. “If (the Holocaust) is something like a religion... that in a few years time no one will believe this particular legend anymore. They will say, as I do, that atrocities were committed. Yes, hundreds of thousands of people were killed, but there were no factories of death.” - David Irving (in a recent trial, suggesting Irving was an Anti-Semite, and associate with extremists who promote Neo-Nazism) What this quote is trying to suggest is that the Holocaust (Mass extermination of the Jews) never actually happened. The reliability of this source is poor, because the purpose of this source is Irving looking to promote Nazism, by attempting to disprove the Holocaust. I can also judge the reliability as poor, because I know from other sources and my own knowledge that there were indeed extermination camps. Evidence against There is a phenomenal quantity of evidence for the Holocaust, including some survivors who were

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