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Slaughterhouse Five was banned on political grounds for showing the American firebombing of Dresden in World War II. The destruction of 135,000 people (almost twice as destructive as the atomic bombing of Hiroshima) is something that I had never even heard of. Obviously, the US Army has done a good job in keeping it quiet. Teachers and administration claimed that the book displayed "un-Godliness, bathroom language, and an unpatriotic portrayal of war." I believe that the unpatriotic aspects of the war is the main reason the book was banned. Americans see World War II as a moral war against senseless manslaughter that we won. To show how we also participated in senseless manslaughter ourselves would be hard to explain to…show more content…
Dresden should be used as an example that although we try to do good, it is not always successfully accomplished. This book presents the world in a rather cynical and uninspired manner. The man who saves Billy's life is only doing it for the glory of it, and eventually he wants Billy to die. As compared to Black Boy, this book does not show man's strife to become more or to achieve greatness. Instead, the book shows man inability to give up. Throughout the novel Billy just wants to give up and die, and through no fault of his own, he is unable to achieve this. Billy feels no pride in fighting for individual liberty in World War II, although I understand that his experiences in Dresden are perhaps a great cause of this, I think he would have felt the same way had he not been in Dresden. Billy shows none of the pride and enthusiasm of fighting against Communism that we commonly associate with World War II. Perhaps this is another reason that this book has been censored. If a reader uses this book as an example of World War II sentiment, one would think the US should not have fought in it. To believe that would be a great travesty as well as

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