Why Is Hiroshima Bombing Wrong

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Burning Hell on Earth Many lives were wiped out due to the bombing of Hiroshima. Intense violence intense violence isn’t right at all. On August 6,1945, the first atomic bomb was dropped , the city was destroyed. The novel of Hiroshima, by John Hersey. Therefore I disagree with the bomb being dropped because of the innocent lives been taken, the diseases being spread, . Many innocent people such as women and children were not responsible for the bombing at Pearl Harbor. It also created much damaged to the city. Some people survived and later studied that the bomb on Hiroshima created some sort of cancer. Still to this very day there is no cure for this life threatening disease. The bomb released a very strong substance that we had no clue about. “Others were also nauseated,they all thought (probably because of the strong odor of ionization, an electric smell give off by the bomb’s fission) that they were sick from a gas the Americans has dropped ( Hersey 35).” Things really started to go down,people everywhere was dying left to right. Furthermore, the Americans didn’t necessary hit the military base of the city Hiroshima. Instead the kill hundreds of people. “Many, hideously burned, were screaming with pain; when they…show more content…
Dead bodies lay everywhere, and the city was all on fire. Nothing but clouds and smoke around. “Now not many people walked in the streets, but a great number sat and lay on the pavement, vomited, waited for death and died (Hersey 34-35).” These people were miserable and devastated. And many people that survived had a diseases from the radiation the bomb released. “Mysteriously. . . with diarrhea and high fever. . .bleed from gums, her mouth and throat became acutely inflamed and her hair started to fall out(Dobbs Article 4).” Even though Hiroshima might have dissevered the bombing because of Pearl Harbor, but this devastation helped us win the war. In a way this was truly
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