Dropping The Atomic Bomb: Necessary Or Justified?

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“As the bomb fell over Hiroshima and exploded, we saw an entire city disappear. I wrote in my log the words: ‘My God, what have we done?’” (Captain Robert Lewis). Despite the fact that more than 60 cities had already been destroyed by conventional bombing during World War II, Japan’s honor and pride forbade this nation to accept America’s suggestion regarding an unconditional surrender. While the war had been raging worldwide, the United States had approved the Manhattan Project, a program that spent more than $2 billion on the atomic bomb’s development. President Truman, knowing the effects of this bomb, had warned the Japanese by saying that, unless they surrendered, they could expect a “rain of ruin from the air.” Being the most harmful…show more content…
Such an immense catastrophe should never be repeated: a highly destructive massacre is not justifiable by any means. Despite the fact that cities were completely ruined, the atomic bomb – along with the concentration camps, bloody stalemates, and the war in general, – left a remorseful feeling that led humanity to reflect upon its own value. Similarly, nationalism decreased and people are now more concerned about humanity as a unique and unified race, rather than several different races fighting for power. Nevertheless, even when nations now collaborate with one another during times of struggle and a nuclear attack has not taken place again, worldwide peace still fails to exist. As long as humanity inhabits this planet, disputes will remain; so the challenge then is to learn how to manage these problems while saving the human race. As Roy Disney, an American Film Writer, once

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