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Assignment 6.1 Identifying the Elements of Rogerian Argument 1. Paragraph 4. Yes, I think the writer was successful in attempting to establish common ground. When he wrote a possible solution to this problem is to choose several permanent sites fir games, one on each major continent. 2. In paragraph 2. He states that boycotting the Olympic Games unfairly denies athletes’ rights, fosters a “politically correct” value system, and undermines the game. Olympian suffers when games are boycotted. Athletes suffer not the host country. 3. Paragraph 4. His opposing view points are basically; do not like political interference dictate the Olympic Games, and that the games should basically be about the athletes not politics. In my opinion the writer…show more content…
The claim: The 1st Amendment in the US constitution is freedom of speech, and prohibiting a person from burning the American flag is undermining a person’s rights. The grounds: The Us constitution tried to amend the first amendment to prohibit flag burning, and also try to equate flag burning with cross burning. In Vietnamese they don’t questions their citizen rights about protesting about burning the flag. Burning the flag in Vietnamese maybe distasteful, but in some cases it is legitimate expression of free speech. The warrant: Denying Americans their freedom of speech. 2. Yes, the writer included more than enough backing for his claim. In my opinion he did not have to include anymore backing. 3. The qualifier is in paragraph 4. I think what the writer wrote as the qualifier limited his argument because the only thing he can discuss is burning the American flag is distasteful. I feel he could have done some pros and cons of burning the flags, besides just talking about freedom of speech. He could have talk about the American soldiers and what the American flag mean to them. He could have explained the importance of the American flag and what the flag represent. 4. No, he did not address enough objections to his claim. He could have argues what the American really stands for, how soldiers fought for it, and how the first amendment protect speech not

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