Contemporary History: The Holocaust

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Chastain Sarabia Contemporary History 10/15/10 The Holocaust Devry University Abstract This paper discusses The Holocaust along with how, why, and when it took place. It also talks about those who believe it never really happened. The paper starts off by giving a brief history of the event such as where the word was derived from how it was organized and when it came it action. It then focuses on one man in particular giving the history and view point of Adolf Hitler the man who was the voice behind the conflict. After it stems off into descriptive details of what the families had to endure during the time of prosecution. Later the paper zones in on just how many people died on the streets and in the concentration camps because…show more content…
It describes Hitler’s life in detail from when he was a child to when he killed himself in 1945. This website gave me the background I needed for my paper to flow right. Many people know that Hitler was first in command in The Holocaust but they don’t know how he got there. This page explains all that in a way that is easy to read as well as easy to put in my own words for my own paper. Auschwitz Gas Chamber. Judaism. Retrieved August 26, 2010, from This page gives a brief description about the gas chambers used in The Holocaust. How they tricked the Jews into the chambers and what type of gas they used to kill the captives. In my paper I talk about the camps and different methods used to kill the prisoners. Gas chambers proved to be the most useful. Austin, Ben S. A Brief History of The Holocaust Denial. Retrieved August 26, 2010, from This was a great source along with many other forms of support for my paper this specific page provided me with the knowledge I needed for the deniers part of my paper. I didn’t have to go to many sites for this portion because this site had enough information for me to prove my point. It gave great insight to the topic and taught me things I did not…show more content…
She has studied this topic in detail for the last thirty-five years. She also emailed me information she knew about the speaker who I personally heard tell her story about surviving The Holocaust. This was extremely helpful to my rebuttal. Goytia, L., Ms. (n.d.). Types of Resistance [Brochure]. My teacher gave me a paper on the types of resistance that existed at the time of The Holocaust. Back then conditions were unimaginable for the Jews but people still found the courage to fight back as much as they could even if that meant they’d meet death sooner. This paper was a nice change of pace from all the websites and it also taught me that people did fight back and not just gave in like some websites state. The Camps. The Holocaust\Shoah Page. Retrieved August 19, 2010, from This site offered great information about the camps that the Jews had to live in. I didn’t use much information from this site but it was nice to compare notes with this information against other information I had gotten from different websites. The quote I used in my paper interested me the most because it shows that the German were trying their hardest to justify what they were doing by calling them

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