Cosmos: A Short Story

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Cosmos 1 I step up to the home plate. My helmet is on, bat in hand. I'm ready for what is about to come. I hear the people shout all around me but I can't quite make out what they're saying. All I can see is the pitcher and the ball she's going to pitch to me. She winds up and releases. Just in time, I react and swing the bat. The ball sails through the air over the girl in the left field. I run all the bases and score the winning point for the team. Everyone's cheering and telling me how great I did. Then I hear an annoying buzzing sound and realize it was just a dream. I reach over and hit the snooze button. I'm so not ready to start my first day at Bay view heights. A place filled with preps with…show more content…
Ugh. I went to the same school most of my life. I had to leave all of my friends. The house we use to live in had a killer roof right outside my window and I use to go there and think or sing. I also use to watch the sun come up. I loved it. It always filled me with hope. Hope, something I'm lacking at the moment. We live in the city now and the only way I could get on the roof is if I have a huge latter. Goodbye peace. I'm not use to so many houses being around either. The backyard is huge, it has a in-ground pool. We did have neighbors where we lived but they were like half a mile down the road. This was gonna be a big change. Puhh. Projectile vomit. Please don't let me do it for real. I better get up now. My new life begins, my old one dies. I don't know whether to be happy or puke. Guess I'll settle for…show more content…
He even bought me a car! It's an older car but I'm not complaining! I love older cars, plus it's a convertible so it's pretty great. Even though he ridiculously rich, I'll have to pay for my own gas. This means I'll have to get a job, which I don't mind. Having a job will at least give me something to do. Since mom and I just moved here he said he'd pay for my first week of gas but I have to find a job

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