Descriptive Essay: Yankee Stadium

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You will be Missed On September 21, 2008, after the Yankees finished their game against the Baltimore Orioles, Yankee Stadium closed its doors for the final last time. This would conclude that game of baseball would never be able to shine their again. Reading Tyler Kepner article, “Grand Home of Larger-Than-Life”, took me into the actual surroundings of the stadium. Team legends would return such as Yogi Berra and Reggie Jackson to say goodbye to the stadium that built up their careers. Derrick Jeter took the microphone and from his heart thanked the Yankee fans for all their support throughout the bad and good times. New York New York by Frank Sinatra blasted over the loud speakers as the Yankee players walked around the stadium showing…show more content…
Every time I go to a game at Wrigley, I feel like I am in another time zone. From the hand-operated scoreboard and the ivy on the walls, to the sounds of baseball on the organ, the atmosphere of this field is something ever American should witness. You get the feeling it is baseball when you walk up the stairs that takes you to the field. I can go to U.S. Cellular Field that has more services such as the ear-popping songs and all the scoreboard videos all I want, but I will never get the same feeling and smells at the place of Wrigley Field. I can only imagine that those same smells and feelings I get when I go to Wrigley are the same smells and feelings when sitting in Yankee Stadium. Whenever I am sitting in the stands, I think to myself that I am actually sitting at the field where an abundance of all-time greats played baseball. One begins to feel the appreciation of history and how powerful the stadium really is. Sometimes I think of Wrigley field as a living thing with blood running through it because it has been around so long. For me, going to a baseball would not be the same if Wrigley Field was ever to get demolished. Going to games as a little kid such as Kerry Wood twenty game strikeout and Gary Gaetti walk off homerun to beat the Giants in the wildcard, Wrigley Field has grown apart of me. The first time I stepped foot in Wrigley Field I got the shivers after noticing how old it felt. Walking down the concession halls as a youngster for the first time gave me the spooks because it was so dark and dingy. Having that old ballpark feel to it made it really

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