Cosmetic Surgery Essay

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Twelve million cosmetic procedures were performed in the year 2008 alone! In many cases these procedures were non-surgical or minimally-invasive. 1.7 million Surgeries were simply for superficial reasons. (Bio-Medicine 2009) There are, however, more excuses to get cosmetic surgery than to just improve how everyone else sees you. Even though cosmetic surgery is considered elective, in some cases it may be necessary. Birth defects, cancer, accidents, and many other problems can arise and call for what the medical world refers to as “Cosmetic Surgery”. This type of Cosmetic Surgery is referred to as “Reconstructive Surgery”. An elective Cosmetic Surgery is one that is not medically necessary, but will correct any problem that the patient feels he or she may have physically. A Reconstructive Cosmetic Surgery is one that is medically necessary to fix a birth defect, scar, or anything that may need aid due to injury. In many cases, Cosmetic Surgery can be both medically and cosmetically necessary. Car accidents can lead to an Emergency Room visit and even surgery. In cases of emergency, the doctors or surgeons will not guarantee they can produce a scar that will heal in a way that is pleasing to the eye. They will be strictly worried about the patient’s health. The scar that is produced may become permanent. This is where facial scar revisions and scar rejuvenations come into play. During a scar rejuvenation or revision the doctor can change the appearance of the scar by using different techniques that can correct it and allow it to blend in with the surrounding skin. Doctors can use chemical peels, lasers, or non-invasive surgeries to improve the appearance of a scar. What is done to improve it just depends on what kind of scar and how big it is. A plastic surgeon can create a smaller and less visible scar than one from a surgery or any kind of accident. Another

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