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Name 3/15/14 Anatomy & Physiology Period 3 Pemphigoid Pemphigoid is a skin disease that has 3 different types. It is an autoimmune disease that means your own immune begins to attack its own healthy skin. The three different types of pemphigoid are Bullous, in this type skin blistering is common among the arms,legs,joints and lower abdomen. In Cicatricial the mouth,eyes,nose,throat and genitals will be affected. The rash and blistering that it brings can spread to other areas if left untreated. Also the last type of pemphigoid there is is Pemphigoid Gestationis this is when blistering occurs after pregnancy herpes gestationis although it is not affiliated with herpes, this can occur during pregnancy or up to 6 weeks after it causes blisters on the arms,legs and abdomen.…show more content…
Corticosteroids, either in pill or topical form are usually the first things that doctors will give patients with this.These medications reduce inflammation and can help to heal the blisters and relieve itching although they work well as a treatment they can have serious side effects if used for too long. Because of this your doctor would take you off the medication as soon as the blisters clear up. Another treatment option would be to take medication that suppresses the immune system so the disease cannot grow. But the problem with doing this is it puts you at risk for contracting other diseases. There arent very many ways to prevent this disease due to the fact that it is an immune system based disease so the only things that could really help would be to eat healthy and exercise to maintain a healthy and strong immune system. In conclusion the outlook or end result of pemphigoid is not so good after years of medication and treatment the disease can go away ,but even after all of that pemphigoidid can come back at any

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