Unit 2 Childcare

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Unit 02- Managing paediatric illness and injury: 1. Be able to provide first aid to an infant and a child with a suspected fracture and a dislocation. 1.1 Describe the common types of fractures: There are two types of fractures they are an open fracture which is where the bone comes through your skin. The other is a closed fracture where your skin isn’t damaged by the bone. There are many fracture types which include: A hairline fracture which is where the bone doesn’t fully break and is not clear when x-rayed. Complex fracture which is caused by a twisting movement and the bones are separated which makes it more difficult to heal. Greenstick fracture is where the bone splits on the side and bends on the other this is more common in children. Comminuted fracture is where your bone is crushed into pieces this usually only happens in a serious accident. Impacted fracture is where your bone goes into another when it breaks. 1.2 Describe how to manage a fracture If you think a child has a fracture you should take them to the hospital as soon as possible but it is important to immobilize the fracture by elevating it a little you can do this by putting pillows in between, bandages, clothing. You should not try to straighten the bones because this could make the injury worse. If the arm is fractured you should make sure the arm is kept close to the body or putting a sling on it. If the fracture is an open one you should sterilise it to help stop infection and you should cover it with a soft padded dressing but do not press on the bone, if you feel you cannot do this you should call an ambulance immediately. It is important to put padding in between the broken limbs so bandaging doesn’t move the bones or push them against each other. 1.3 Describe how to manage a
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