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(Name) (Subject) (Name of Professor) (Date) There is no denying that X-rays are a potential threat to a person's health, but that threat also applies to the Radiologic Technician. X-rays are performed on a patient as directed by a Physician to find the cause of the physical malfunction in the body. This is so the patient does not have to go through life with the same pain day after day. However, a careful balance must be struck because of radiation. The health of RadiologicTechnologists and the patient are at risk when concerning X-rays because of the gamma radiation rays, yet X-rays are vital to finding out what the medical issue is. An Associates Degree is required to be a Radiologic Technician. The skills needed to obtain the job are the ability to order items in a defined format or according to set rules; active listening skills; good oral communication abilities, radiologic positioning aids and locators; knowledge of x-ray archiving systems and medical x-ray darkrooms and supplies; and being able to use hypodermic needles. I think I would be a good fit as a Radiologic Technician because I want to help those who are sick and in pain by finding out…show more content…
Thus, it is essential that the technician inputs the mathematical formula correctly because too much radiation can cause the patient to get sick, depending on how long or the amount of gamma radiation is exposure to the patient. Some types of radiation are not harmful, such as the radiation used to kill cancer cells in the anatomy of a patient; this type of radiation to project bones would be bad if the formula is not

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