Biomedical Model Of Health

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What is meant by the term: biomedical model of health. Use the example of HIV/AIDS to show its strengths. When we use the term model, what we are referring to is a way of understanding the basic assumptions of people. There are many models used in life for all sorts of reasons including health. When it comes to understanding health doctors and other medical professional’s use what is know as the biomedical model of health. The biomedical model treats illness as strictly something that is wrong with the workings of the body caused by things such as germs, disease and accidents and doesn’t take in to account a persons social or mental factors. The biomedical model also gives doctors a set of basic guidelines in which to work to. These guidelines include some practices that the general public would just take as obvious, for example; putting the care of the patient as top priority, to do no harm to the patient and to provide a cure for the patients ailment. These are all things we expect to get when we visit the doctor as this is why we go there. However the biomedical model also puts some less obvious guidelines in place for doctors and other medical professionals to work to. For instance no blame should be attached to the patient who comes for help, no matter what the condition and that the cause of any illness is biological and only biological. It is these guidelines which make the biomedical model so affective when treating patients directly for their illness. Some of the main benefits of using these guidelines and the biomedical model however can be more easily seen when looking at an infection like HIV and AIDS. The stigma that surrounds these infections is so great that sometimes sufferers are ashamed to seek help or advice. Using the biomedical model, the patients can seek help from a doctor knowing they won’t have any blame put on

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